The right mix is key

In order to emphasise and promote the diversity strategy in the new Group structure as a management holding company as a top management issue, the Diversity Council was established in 2016. The vision of the Diversity Council: We set standards in our diversity management, thereby sustainably improving our diversity culture and the diversity KPIs and thus making a significant contribution to our business success.

Ute Wolf

For us, diversity is more than just a social and political obligation. 

Thomas Wessel

Diversity exists - by its very nature - whenever people come together. We don't see it as a game of arithmetic, but as a cultural dynamic that should be experienced positively by everyone. To successfully utilize all dimensions of diversity, our goal at Evonik is to promote an open-minded attitude and appreciative behaviors.

Nicole Brausch

I support the implementation of our diversity strategy through bundling our initiatives under one roof and trying to give diversity relevant topics a stage on our Diversity council.

Christian Schmid

"We don't need a gender quota in order to bring about change" – that used to be my prejudice. But in fact, we do need concrete goals if we want to be able to fulfill our expectations regarding the benefits of diversity.

Walter Weimer

In my opinion diversity is essential to business as well as being a social necessity.

Lauren Kjeldsen

I act as a role model for our diversity culture by using my international experience to identify international talents and help to get them networked in the global organization.

Thomas Schiener

By embracing diversity, Evonik will attract a wider range of candidates.We will be viewed as a more progressive organization where employees are more likely to be engaged and motivated.

Rainer Fretzen

I'm supporting the implementetion of our diversity strategy by consciously applying  diversity criteria in human resources development.

Götz Lauschke

I am supporting the implementation of our diversity strategy by setting up mixed teams that extend across regions. This is how we are creating an open corporate culture that boosts creativity and promotes more innovative ideas.


We can only manage what we can measure. “Trust facts rather than your gut feeling” is one of our key mottos.


Equally important for us are the different ways of thinking and perspectives that result from factors such as different religions and ways of life. We cannot and do not want to measure these, but we know that they enrich us.


nationalities work
together at Evonik